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Yeo jin goo and kim so hyun dating websites

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Log in No account? Did you know that he felt sorry? Or is this your first time hearing it? I've heard it once before.

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So did you ask Yeo jin goo and kim so hyun dating websites any material compensation? So Hyun on other hand is slightly quieter, and has an opposite personality but still has its charm. You have not contacted Yoo Jung recently? Actually, I feel awkward looking at anyone straight in the eye as long as it's a female.

Miss you -- YJG: Please give us your guidance! This is just my opinion, but I guess if I must put a finger on it, it might have something to do with the Yeo jin goo and kim so hyun dating websites that Jung Woo's tears over Su Yeon partly came from the fact that the girl got raped because of him.

Hwon and Yeon Woo convince me that they had true love at that young age, but Jung Woo's love for Su Yeon seems to be mixed in with immense guilt. One more reason is the love story of the drama, it's totally different.

Don't let us down YJG: Heyy thanks for the comment! And haha I agree with you -- YJG has a way of bringing out the sweet romance side of whoever he's paired with. Imagine 20 episodes of YJG goodness heh. Well, it's not reallyt that Yeo Jin Goo's character Jung Woo in Missing You only fell in love because of immense guilt, of loving her because she was raped because of him. If you watched it well, you'd see that the times they spent before the tragedy, they were already each other's love interest.

And after that scene comes the "flickering light" scene where they both looked into each others eyes, and that was where they knew they liked each other. So Hyun and Jin Goo's screen time were over before they could verbalize whay they felt for each other.

You can see the misery of Jin Goo when he read that-- and Jin Goo's acting skills was enough in showing that he liked her too.

There is, of course, the guilt as Jung Woo thought it was his fault but the love was visibly apparent.

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Yeo jin goo and kim so hyun dating websites Website, Official website. Kim So-hyun (Hangul: 김소현; Hanja: 金所炫; born June 4, ) is a South Korean actress.

"The Sun and the Moon Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun Cast in New Drama Together". enewsWorld. Retrieved October 29. Kim So Hyun: I'd love to act with Yeo Jin Goo again. The actress made her first visit to Singapore and spoke to the press a day ahead of her.

Even if you're not familiar with the name Yeo Jingoo, you might have The younger version of Kim Soohyun's character in Moon Even now, I still don't have a girlfriend.

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